Sunday, 25 March 2012

Discovering The True Meaning Of Leadership

The Formidable Leadership Camp 2011 is my sixth camp. To many folks, it may seem crazy!
However, with all the setbacks I encounter at work and life, the leadership camps are essential!

When I am feeling down, the camps boost and recharge my energy levels. Besides that, it puts me in the right frame of mind to reflect. I am proud to report how it has grown me from a little naive girl to somebody who inspires others.

This camp I decided to volunteer myself to serve as in-service. I realized there are lots of preparation before the camp. I thought I was ready to serve and had everything under control.

As the theme of the camp, “Faith”... I truly discovered the meaning of it being in-service.

I was faced with unexpected issues at work and at home. Everything and anything that could go wrong, went wrong! I was in a state of panic. I was totally overwhelmed and the emotions had surpassed all known limits. I was at my breaking point.

Just at that moment of desperation, a little voice from my heart whispered to me. It’s so vivid… “as long as you stay strong and brave, you will definitely overcome it and cross over to another phase! I gathered the courage to face the challenge, one by one, the problems dissolved.”

When my faith is strong, the issues are small.

Apart from that, I always thought of the camps as development for my business. However, I discovered the learnings from all the previous camps was not just about the business but it applies to every aspect of my daily life.

Finally, I got a lot of learning even before the camp had started. I am so proud to be part of the in-service team in making the camp a success. When I see the breakthrough in the participants, the joy and the self-confidence they had gained. I am immensely happy and fulfilled.

The leadership camps is a place where ‘miracle’ happens. In just three days two nights, the camps marks a turning point in a person’s life. I believe in the camps, I want to bring more people to the future camps.