Sunday, 18 December 2011

The Law Of Attraction Works

I was introduced to “The Secret” at least three years ago. However, at that point, I did not give it much attention and did not understand it at all.

Nevertheless, recently, my leader advocated that I watch it again. Half heartedly, I watched the video a second time. Interestingly, this time it made so much sense about all that is happening in my life.

Unconsciously, I had been applying the principles for my studies and got outstanding grades. What if I applied them in other areas of my life?

I was motivated and want to test if the law of attraction really works. I began applying the concepts by jotting down my wish list relating to personal, business, love, life in general and any other things that came across my mind.

Besides that, I made a commitment to watch ‘The Secret’ every night before going to bed even though it was late. No it was not boring, as there are new points I learn every time I watch it again.

Most folks don’t do this but I learnt how to send love to myself and others every morning.

Believe it or not, I was so surprised to discover four of my wish list came true in just less than a week!

Firstly, I got my first cheque in my new venture. Secondly, I asked from the universe for more money as I needed more funds to expand my business capacity and that money came!

Not only was the funds enough for my business expansion, it allowed me to support my sister in-law. They were struggling financially as my brother-in-law is not doing well in his work. So I presented their children with books, clothes and shoes to start their new school term.

Finally, I had a strong desire to revive a market, Kapit, that I am passionate about. Quite naturally, I successfully got promising leads to achieve that.

As I reflect on these achievements, I can’t help but shed tears of joy. This has been the best christmas gift so far.

I hope more people will discover the power of attraction and apply it. We can change our current circumstances easily and it does not have to take long.



  1. I AM INSPIRED... Your hidden powers are unleashed now. GO for everything u aim for as high as the sky! i believe in u!

  2. Wow..... Incredible...


  3. The people who succeed learns to make the law of attraction a habitual process and you are certainly forging the way! May you be bless with lots of strength to help many others apply this powerful strategy.