Sunday, 9 October 2011

Shy And Childish Lady Found A Mission

When I was a child, I had big dreams. The world was so vibrantly colorful. However, my dreams vanished about the time I entered primary one, when I realized the real world is harsh.

Feeling withdrawn, I eventually became a shy girl. I feared talking to others even my relatives. Worse of all, my behavior stopped me from trying new things even when my heart had strong desires to experience them.

It was not a good feeling as I lost every single opportunity that came my way during my schooling days. My greatest regret was when I let pass my ambition to become a veterinary doctor. All this, was a result of my low self-confidence.

My entire world changed for the better when I started my journey in network marketing. I found that the world is actually fair to everyone. In fact, I realized I am so lucky as I have parents and siblings who cares and loves me so much. They are always supporting me and helping me when I am in trouble. The reality is that I am the small kid that never grew up in the family.

My first leadership camp was amazing! I discovered that I have to grow up if I want to succeed in life. Hence, I made a decision to grow up and be a responsible person who cares about family and friends. That’s when I started to express my love and care. Today, my life is filled with happiness as I realized the more love I gave, the more happiness I got in return.

Isn’t it wonderful?

Another breakthrough happened when I attended my second leadership camp. It dawned on me that I had lost many chances in life and I had to forgive myself for all the lost opportunities. I was relieved as I realized this mistake early in life. I promised myself to grab opportunities and never let them pass. I will do and participate in anything I choose.

I only live this life once and I am going to make it the best!

Network marketing nurtures people and transforms someone with childish mindset to becoming a real woman. It might seem weird, however, I believe many youngsters were like me.

I’m no longer a kid, I’m in the process of becoming a “Strong Women”. I have fixed my mission, I am working towards it. Wish me luck, my friends. Remember: we only live once, do the best that we can, the memory will be sweet.

I love who I am now.

Li Chien


  1. Wow..Li Chien,

    You truly have growth into a strong lady with great dreams...

    Now, it's your time to help the many shy girls out there becoming the strong women like you.

    Proud of you..


  2. My dear,

    So happy to saw ur article. We learn from each other and I will work together with u, together we achieve our dreamsss .. : )

    Li San

  3. Li Chien, I love your story! I am sure your story will inspire many others...

  4. Li Chien,

    You've given hope to all the shy girl out there!

    Like you story.

    Thanks for sharing,

  5. Li Chien, I am proud of you. With this kind of mindset, nothing is going to be a block to you, only success.

  6. This is what is network marketing is all about. Change people life to be a better person with the power of dreams. Congratulation to u Li Chien.

  7. i agree, we only live this life once.
    Proud of you...

    Yii Sing

  8. Beautiful sharing. Thank you

  9. 加油~你行的...