Sunday, 23 October 2011

Housewife Says 'No' To Husbands' Pampering

When I had my third child I quit my job and became a housewife. Soon, I realised that I just can't stay at home to be a full time mother and wife. So I decided to pursue something that interest me. Since I love to look good and making others look good too, I took up courses to become an Image Consultant. However, after completing the course, I was still 'lost' until I discovered network marketing.

Initially my understanding about this industry is to sell something and earn some extra money, but I was wrong.

As I meet many people from all walks of life, I realize most people are looking out for opportunities to improve their life. Being in this industry, I am in a great platform that allows me to light a candle in their life.

Interestingly, some of my friends asked me why I wanted to do this business when my husband can provide me with everything.

It's true... My husband is a VP for a Pharmaceutical company and he earns six figure salary a year. He really pampers me, told me "take any amount you like". He never questions me about my spending and I don't have to seek permission to buy anything. His generousity actually makes me feel guilty everytime I go on my shopping spree.

That's when I decided to take this business seriously. I must admit it is challenging. However, I am constantly motivated and get excited when I share my dreams with friends. I hope my dreams inspires others and help them realize they now have a chance to achieve their dreams with this vehicle.

I am grateful to have chosen network marketing and have the chance to learn and tap the experience from a wide variety of people. Besides, I love network marketing compared to a traditional business as there are less ethical issues I have to face especially as a female.

This inspired me to form the Women And Girlfriends (WAGs) club. This is a fantastic platform to empower women pursue their dreams.

Who says housewives can't do this business?

Ladies, buying branded bags with our own money is sweeter than asking our husband to buy. Give it a try and feel the empowering difference!



  1. Hi Molly,

    Your story really inspiring me. Like your story.

    Thanks for sharing

  2. Great sharing Molly. True, spending own money is much much sweeter than asking from others. Thumbs Up for YOU!!


  3. Great sharing, Molly. Let's light more candles in every home.