Sunday, 23 October 2011

Housewife Says 'No' To Husbands' Pampering

When I had my third child I quit my job and became a housewife. Soon, I realised that I just can't stay at home to be a full time mother and wife. So I decided to pursue something that interest me. Since I love to look good and making others look good too, I took up courses to become an Image Consultant. However, after completing the course, I was still 'lost' until I discovered network marketing.

Initially my understanding about this industry is to sell something and earn some extra money, but I was wrong.

As I meet many people from all walks of life, I realize most people are looking out for opportunities to improve their life. Being in this industry, I am in a great platform that allows me to light a candle in their life.

Interestingly, some of my friends asked me why I wanted to do this business when my husband can provide me with everything.

It's true... My husband is a VP for a Pharmaceutical company and he earns six figure salary a year. He really pampers me, told me "take any amount you like". He never questions me about my spending and I don't have to seek permission to buy anything. His generousity actually makes me feel guilty everytime I go on my shopping spree.

That's when I decided to take this business seriously. I must admit it is challenging. However, I am constantly motivated and get excited when I share my dreams with friends. I hope my dreams inspires others and help them realize they now have a chance to achieve their dreams with this vehicle.

I am grateful to have chosen network marketing and have the chance to learn and tap the experience from a wide variety of people. Besides, I love network marketing compared to a traditional business as there are less ethical issues I have to face especially as a female.

This inspired me to form the Women And Girlfriends (WAGs) club. This is a fantastic platform to empower women pursue their dreams.

Who says housewives can't do this business?

Ladies, buying branded bags with our own money is sweeter than asking our husband to buy. Give it a try and feel the empowering difference!


Sunday, 16 October 2011








Sunday, 9 October 2011

Shy And Childish Lady Found A Mission

When I was a child, I had big dreams. The world was so vibrantly colorful. However, my dreams vanished about the time I entered primary one, when I realized the real world is harsh.

Feeling withdrawn, I eventually became a shy girl. I feared talking to others even my relatives. Worse of all, my behavior stopped me from trying new things even when my heart had strong desires to experience them.

It was not a good feeling as I lost every single opportunity that came my way during my schooling days. My greatest regret was when I let pass my ambition to become a veterinary doctor. All this, was a result of my low self-confidence.

My entire world changed for the better when I started my journey in network marketing. I found that the world is actually fair to everyone. In fact, I realized I am so lucky as I have parents and siblings who cares and loves me so much. They are always supporting me and helping me when I am in trouble. The reality is that I am the small kid that never grew up in the family.

My first leadership camp was amazing! I discovered that I have to grow up if I want to succeed in life. Hence, I made a decision to grow up and be a responsible person who cares about family and friends. That’s when I started to express my love and care. Today, my life is filled with happiness as I realized the more love I gave, the more happiness I got in return.

Isn’t it wonderful?

Another breakthrough happened when I attended my second leadership camp. It dawned on me that I had lost many chances in life and I had to forgive myself for all the lost opportunities. I was relieved as I realized this mistake early in life. I promised myself to grab opportunities and never let them pass. I will do and participate in anything I choose.

I only live this life once and I am going to make it the best!

Network marketing nurtures people and transforms someone with childish mindset to becoming a real woman. It might seem weird, however, I believe many youngsters were like me.

I’m no longer a kid, I’m in the process of becoming a “Strong Women”. I have fixed my mission, I am working towards it. Wish me luck, my friends. Remember: we only live once, do the best that we can, the memory will be sweet.

I love who I am now.

Li Chien

Sunday, 2 October 2011

With Faith, Miracle Happened For Lady Who Declared Quits

To most, surviving six year in network marketing is a major achievement.

Now that I recall my first three years journey, it was really not easy. I spent a lot of money travelling outstation, attending camps and conferences but making very little cheques to cover my costs.

I had so much hope in this business and desperately wanted success. However, the cost didn't justify and I began doubting whether this business is for me. I even told my senior that I don't think I can build a team and I wanted to quit the business.

Deep in my heart, a little voice whispered for me not to give up. I've spent 3 years here and I like the association with the group who is always encouraging and positive. I felt sad with the thought of leaving the group.

So, I continued attending weekly functions and camps though not making any efforts in progressing my business.

There is a saying when ones hope and faith is tested to its limits, it is that precise moment that a breakthrough happens.

The miracle happened when I started to attract a group of high positioned individuals into my team.  Since then, the dynamic of my business transformed. Most importantly, my new found team renewed my faith in the business. I regained energy and passion to nurture the business. I thank my hubby for supporting me especially when my faith was tested.

The business taught me a very important lesson. I shall never give up in anything I do, no matter how bad the situation could be. Keep the faith even when faith is tested to its limits, for I know when I persist, there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

Waikuan, Lee