Sunday, 18 September 2011

Leukemia Survivor Found New Life!

I was diagnosed with leukemia the moment I decided to quit my job! It was the greatest turning point in my life.

You see, I was so furious with my immediate supervisor, I made the ultimate decision to quit the job I once loved so dearly. Some of you know exactly what I mean, I had poured my heart and soul working for the company, spending late nights for projects.

It was just one time that I was late in to work; my supervisor said he would put that in my record.

I was flaming furious as I thought to myself “why not put into record all the late nights I have done too?”

Anyway, when I was diagnosed with leukemia, I was really blessed, as the Managing Director of the company was so generous to offer help. That made me retracts my resignation and stay put in the company.

Nevertheless, I always had this desire to free myself from the chains of a job. But how can I do it now when I don’t even know when would the next time I have to be hospitalized? Venturing into a business is just transferring the chains from the job to a business.

I thought I was destined to stay in the company forever!

However, a very good friend of mine got me really curious about an opportunity. I must thank him for his ingenious methods of making me listen, as I was a true skeptic of network marketing.

His skillful tact finally made me realize it was probably one of the best ways for me to free myself from the chains of a job with the very little money that I had. Most importantly, with network marketing, I was not committing myself to a business that requires all my time.

I finally quit the job a few years after joining the business.

It feels really good to have control over my own time. My friends are always so envious when I tell them that I am doing my afternoon swim when they are in the office meeting deadlines.

I know many of you are looking for a way out of your job. I gave this a chance, probably you should too.



  1. Dear Denver,

    What an inspiring story! I was once like you thinking job is the only thing for me until I opened my eyes to look at other opportunities.

    Thank you for sharing.

  2. Wow! I am touched by your story. Thank you Denver