Sunday, 4 September 2011

Full-Time Father Just Wanted Freedom

I am one of the few lucky fathers who had the chance to see my daughter grow and be with her all the time since her birth 5 years ago. Imagine my pride of being able to send her to school, bath her, feed her and watch movie with her on a Wednesday afternoon when everyone else is stuck in the office!

Well, my story began a couple of years back when I was still working as an engineer. Although it pays well, my job demanded a commitment to travel 80% of the time. It hurts the most when my wife had to suffer the pain of loosing our first child all by herself when I was posted to work in the States.

Just a few months later, my brother tried to show me the way out with Network Marketing. I had no idea what it was back then but the only word that flashed through my mind is SELLING! I knew it was not for me because I am an introvert, I don’t like socializing, I don’t speak well and I don’t have many friends. Reluctantly, I joined as my brother insisted I trust him this one.

One thing lead to another when I was ‘convinced’ to attend a leadership camp few months after I joined and that’s where this word “Freedom” began to creep into my mind.

I met many people from different countries, they don’t just talk about success. They are a living proof of it. Their success didn’t comprise of just money but freedom of choice and freedom of time.

Wow! That was totally new to me, but is it really possible?

Thank God I decided to give myself a chance, I told myself “What do I have to loose?”

And my journey in Network Marketing begins…

Thanks to my supportive wife and of course I believe The Lord is watching over me. He has granted me a few good friends to walk through this beautiful and interesting journey together. When I am down they will always be there to encourage me, when I have joy, we share happiness together.

It is indeed a very fulfilling journey. Today, I enjoy the time I have with my family and the true friendship I met here. It all began with “What do I have to loose? You won't know till you've tried...”

Alan Thian


  1. I personally know Alan and he truly walks the talk of being with his beautiful daughter as she grows up. Many just spoke of it but Alan is living it. Thank you for your inspiration Alan.


  2. Thanks for sharing. Now I truly understand... share this story with people with that emotion and you will see massive success!

  3. I've never knew of 'this side' of Alan.

    Bro, do share with others as I'm sure many will be inspired just as I did.

    Truly inspired.


  4. "Xi Fu", I'm so happy to see ur article and was so touched about ur story. I want to have my freedom too.. Be a full-time mummy in the near future, watching my kids grow. Thanks for being with me all the time and cheer me up during my bad times..

    Li San

  5. Thanks AT! Success is all about living it. No wonder you lead such a huge team all these years. A truly awakening sharing for me to ponder and emulate.. "I am so proud of you, daddy... " will be heard one day soon... Aho!