Sunday, 25 September 2011

The Couple Who Didn't Want To End Up Broke

We praise the Lord for our friend who showed us a better way with Network Marketing.

Initially, we perceived network marketing to be an ‘aunty business’. What was worse, we witnessed desperate people who forced or cheated others to buy, just to earn. We met people who piled up stocks just to meet their quota yet not making much. We knew people who avoided friends who were attempting to introduce them network marketing. Besides that, there were many who had high hopes in network marketing but eventually didn’t make it.

Everything changed when we felt the real pain of working for YEARS and see that our savings is STILL THE SAME!! But prices of goods are escalating like CRAZY!

Naturally, it triggered us to look for alternatives since we don’t want to end up BROKE or JUST OVER BROKE!

So we tried shares or funds, but they were too volatile and unpredictable. The other option was properties. However, we did not have the capital for good bargains. Our last resort was to try out network marketing just to answer to a friends’ request.

We started off by trying to learn more about the industry and discovered many had failed without reasons. We remained doubtful...

Our turning point began when we took part in our first leadership camp. We never expected to learn so much about ourselves. However, to our surprise, we learnt so much about our strengths and weaknesses, met new friends while having lots of fun through the experiential learning games. We thought ourselves to be positive thinkers, transforming our mindsets, and the world around us just got better.

We decided to save time used in unyielding events such as tea time on more valuable activities like sharing good and useful information about the business to people.

Our strategy is 2 by 2 as written in the Bible (Mark 6:7… Sent them out two by two..) This strategy of building as a couple has been very useful to us as we have found that is has made both of us grow stronger.

For instance,

  • When one is down, there is always another to cheer up. 
  • When one learns, there is always a partner to share with. 
  • We learn to amplify each others strength and cover each others weaknesses. 
  • When there is a need to do 2 things at the same time, we can cover both by heading off to different directions. 
  • When there are learnings, we can look at it from 2 different angles and dimension, making our interpretation of learnings more comprehensive.

We conclude that if we do anything seriously, by God’s grace, there will never be failure, unless we choose not to do anything.

Alan Goh & Shiok Yen

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Leukemia Survivor Found New Life!

I was diagnosed with leukemia the moment I decided to quit my job! It was the greatest turning point in my life.

You see, I was so furious with my immediate supervisor, I made the ultimate decision to quit the job I once loved so dearly. Some of you know exactly what I mean, I had poured my heart and soul working for the company, spending late nights for projects.

It was just one time that I was late in to work; my supervisor said he would put that in my record.

I was flaming furious as I thought to myself “why not put into record all the late nights I have done too?”

Anyway, when I was diagnosed with leukemia, I was really blessed, as the Managing Director of the company was so generous to offer help. That made me retracts my resignation and stay put in the company.

Nevertheless, I always had this desire to free myself from the chains of a job. But how can I do it now when I don’t even know when would the next time I have to be hospitalized? Venturing into a business is just transferring the chains from the job to a business.

I thought I was destined to stay in the company forever!

However, a very good friend of mine got me really curious about an opportunity. I must thank him for his ingenious methods of making me listen, as I was a true skeptic of network marketing.

His skillful tact finally made me realize it was probably one of the best ways for me to free myself from the chains of a job with the very little money that I had. Most importantly, with network marketing, I was not committing myself to a business that requires all my time.

I finally quit the job a few years after joining the business.

It feels really good to have control over my own time. My friends are always so envious when I tell them that I am doing my afternoon swim when they are in the office meeting deadlines.

I know many of you are looking for a way out of your job. I gave this a chance, probably you should too.


Sunday, 11 September 2011


当初以为只要可以赚更多的钱,就可以过好生活的我,去了邻国新加坡工作。每天很勤劳的加班,包括周末也在工作。 当我的朋友都去游玩的时候,我也在工作。那么拼命的工作是为了可以储蓄很多的钱, 以为这样就可以改变我和家人的生活!

我开始把辛辛苦苦储蓄来的钱拿去旅行, 或买些自己喜欢的东西...过了一段日子,我才发现银行里的储蓄逐渐的减少了。

当时,我非常地懊恼!因为我知道一个人 靠一双手,一天只有24小时,就算再怎样埋头苦干的打工, 到后来也不过只是回到原点。


然而,克苦经营了三年后便宣告失败... 让我突然失去了方向...没想到我那么用心的经营也会失败。当时的我对网络营销真的很失望,于是又只好回到埋头苦干的打工生涯。。

后来,我回到吉隆坡工作. 因为我的妹妹-Sarah,我又再次接触到网络营销。但因为之前的失败,我内心非常的挣扎。我是否耍捉紧眼前的机会?但万一再失败呢?我问我自己:"我是否跌倒了就不可以再站起来?"


我发现原来不是所有的网络营销公司都是一样的我开始从新的学习。我非常高兴这儿有很多专业的培训让我可以在思维,处事,事业上成长。而且新的组织有一群领袖可以帮助我一起并肩打拼,而不再是我一个人默默的耕耘, 孤军作战。




Emily Ooi

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Full-Time Father Just Wanted Freedom

I am one of the few lucky fathers who had the chance to see my daughter grow and be with her all the time since her birth 5 years ago. Imagine my pride of being able to send her to school, bath her, feed her and watch movie with her on a Wednesday afternoon when everyone else is stuck in the office!

Well, my story began a couple of years back when I was still working as an engineer. Although it pays well, my job demanded a commitment to travel 80% of the time. It hurts the most when my wife had to suffer the pain of loosing our first child all by herself when I was posted to work in the States.

Just a few months later, my brother tried to show me the way out with Network Marketing. I had no idea what it was back then but the only word that flashed through my mind is SELLING! I knew it was not for me because I am an introvert, I don’t like socializing, I don’t speak well and I don’t have many friends. Reluctantly, I joined as my brother insisted I trust him this one.

One thing lead to another when I was ‘convinced’ to attend a leadership camp few months after I joined and that’s where this word “Freedom” began to creep into my mind.

I met many people from different countries, they don’t just talk about success. They are a living proof of it. Their success didn’t comprise of just money but freedom of choice and freedom of time.

Wow! That was totally new to me, but is it really possible?

Thank God I decided to give myself a chance, I told myself “What do I have to loose?”

And my journey in Network Marketing begins…

Thanks to my supportive wife and of course I believe The Lord is watching over me. He has granted me a few good friends to walk through this beautiful and interesting journey together. When I am down they will always be there to encourage me, when I have joy, we share happiness together.

It is indeed a very fulfilling journey. Today, I enjoy the time I have with my family and the true friendship I met here. It all began with “What do I have to loose? You won't know till you've tried...”

Alan Thian