Sunday, 14 August 2011

Pressured Retiree Finds Pleasure With New Venture

My working life began at the of age 17, after completing my fifth form. I've worked tirelessly for over 30 years, yet my salary has never been able to beat inflation, i.e. cost of living catches up faster than my earnings.

I felt troubled when I realized my retirement is just months away and the only funds I have is the EPF savings which will only stretch about 5 -10 years, provided that I don’t fall sick. What if I’m healthy and continue to live 20years after retirement, how am I going to survive without $$$ after that 5 -10 years? All these questions really, really kept me sleepless.

While pondering over the issues, God is Great, he sent me my niece, Wai Kuan. Wai Kuan offered me a solution with network marketing business. She patiently shared with me how the business frees her from the bondage of the 9 to 5 job. Today she plans her own time according to her wishes and can confidently retire early at her own choice.

I believe and know that it is not too late for me to catch up with the business as I approach my retirement. With my new found venture, retirement should be a pleasure and not pressure!

Lastly, I lost all those precious years where I could have spent more time with my family rather than in the office. I can’t rewind days gone, it's my sincere wish to all who reads my sharing, please think about this... want to achieve your dreams at a younger age (perhaps 30 years old)? How about spending more quality time and fun with your love ones with no financial worries? or retire less desirably at 55 years old? The choice is yours.



  1. Hi aunty Alice,

    Well done! Congrats on sharing your story.

    It's an eye opening thought to the young ones & people approaching retirement.

    Let's embrace retirement with lots of joy & pleasure


  2. Dear Alice,

    Thank you for the advices...

    Millions of young people out there need it, it's brave soul like you that come along and changes their life..


  3. No wonder the story goes...
    "Alice in wonderland"! :)

    Bravo, lets bring those who believes to the wonder of network marketing!

    If only my parents read this 30years ago! Thanks for sharing, Alice..