Sunday, 28 August 2011

Associating With The Right People Guarantees Results

The industry of network marketing is not new to me. I grew up in Penang and it's a popular region most network marketing companies choose to grow their venture.

Unfortunately, I did not have a favourable impression of network marketing. I used to think that the industry is all about "forcing people to buy", "persuading until the person buys" or "getting sympathy sales".

Does network marketing really work that way?

It took me a long time to discard those impressions and realised that the bad reputations have nothing to do with the industry but the practice of different groups of people.

Hence, choosing the right team is important! As the saying goes, "Birds of a feather flocks together". The industry is a noble one, I just need to associate with the right people, people who does the right things, to achieve the right results.

This will certainly lead me to my final destination.

I am not telling you network marketing is all a bed of roses. My journey certainly was not. Nevertheless, it is very fun!

It gave me a chance to travel many countries, even to countries I never knew existed.

I have seen some of these places on the TV, but to be there myself is a totally different experience. I look forward to discovering many more countries through this exciting business!

Finally, I always believe, when I am alone, I have to take care of myself. But if I am in a team, we look out for each other, like the saying goes "No one gets left behind". Join me if you love to travel!

Michael Ngooi


  1. So true... in fact, most of the people we hang out with are usually plus minus 10% of ours. Therefore, expanding to a new circle will help move us forward!

  2. Ngooi,

    100% agrees with your point about associating with the right group of people.


  3. Hi Ngooi,

    I am glad that I am in your team.