Sunday, 28 August 2011

Associating With The Right People Guarantees Results

The industry of network marketing is not new to me. I grew up in Penang and it's a popular region most network marketing companies choose to grow their venture.

Unfortunately, I did not have a favourable impression of network marketing. I used to think that the industry is all about "forcing people to buy", "persuading until the person buys" or "getting sympathy sales".

Does network marketing really work that way?

It took me a long time to discard those impressions and realised that the bad reputations have nothing to do with the industry but the practice of different groups of people.

Hence, choosing the right team is important! As the saying goes, "Birds of a feather flocks together". The industry is a noble one, I just need to associate with the right people, people who does the right things, to achieve the right results.

This will certainly lead me to my final destination.

I am not telling you network marketing is all a bed of roses. My journey certainly was not. Nevertheless, it is very fun!

It gave me a chance to travel many countries, even to countries I never knew existed.

I have seen some of these places on the TV, but to be there myself is a totally different experience. I look forward to discovering many more countries through this exciting business!

Finally, I always believe, when I am alone, I have to take care of myself. But if I am in a team, we look out for each other, like the saying goes "No one gets left behind". Join me if you love to travel!

Michael Ngooi

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Family Man Breaks Free From The Cycle Of Poverty

“I think we all have a little voice inside us that will guide us...if we shut out all the noise and clutter from our lives and listen to that voice, it will tell us the right thing to do” That little voice woke me up early one morning as I realised with awespiring enthusiasm that I now have a chance to break the cycle of poverty that had been haunting my family for generations.

You see it all started when a good friend of mine shared with me a network marketing opportunity. I discovered I could break free from my chain of poverty and achieve my dream to have a home in several countries. This blossoms my life in this fateful industry of network marketing.

My journey in network marketing is pretty much like Life! Some days are sunny and some are rainy!

The sun shone brightest during the leadership camps. It was then that I truly discovered the secrets to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Life has never been the same thereafter as, together with my trusted friends and business partners, we built a network numbered by the thousands. Thus, with our “yummy-licious” earnings, many of us shifted from the E quadrant to B and I quadrants.

As with life, I have also encountered some rainy periods in my journey. Despite what most believed, the rejections from friends and families didn't stir up storms. But the stormiest days were the days when my thoughts of self-disbelief and self-doubt had actually clouded my mind.

As the saying goes “Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass... it's about learning how to dance in the rain!" Those rainy days in this industry has taught me how to turn every situation into an empowering learning experience and that certainly have changed my life, my thoughts, my attitude!

Life can be complicated, but simple!

Without a doubt, we try our best to make life complicated, but if we look closely, it's really very simple.

And so my goal is to have you understand that the simple secrets to a happy life is to think about what is... and could be... if our minds and hearts is open to an opportunity of achieving our dreams.

So see you on the beaches of the world. I am on one now, just like my son, playing to his hearts’ content.


Sunday, 14 August 2011

Pressured Retiree Finds Pleasure With New Venture

My working life began at the of age 17, after completing my fifth form. I've worked tirelessly for over 30 years, yet my salary has never been able to beat inflation, i.e. cost of living catches up faster than my earnings.

I felt troubled when I realized my retirement is just months away and the only funds I have is the EPF savings which will only stretch about 5 -10 years, provided that I don’t fall sick. What if I’m healthy and continue to live 20years after retirement, how am I going to survive without $$$ after that 5 -10 years? All these questions really, really kept me sleepless.

While pondering over the issues, God is Great, he sent me my niece, Wai Kuan. Wai Kuan offered me a solution with network marketing business. She patiently shared with me how the business frees her from the bondage of the 9 to 5 job. Today she plans her own time according to her wishes and can confidently retire early at her own choice.

I believe and know that it is not too late for me to catch up with the business as I approach my retirement. With my new found venture, retirement should be a pleasure and not pressure!

Lastly, I lost all those precious years where I could have spent more time with my family rather than in the office. I can’t rewind days gone, it's my sincere wish to all who reads my sharing, please think about this... want to achieve your dreams at a younger age (perhaps 30 years old)? How about spending more quality time and fun with your love ones with no financial worries? or retire less desirably at 55 years old? The choice is yours.


Sunday, 7 August 2011

Entrepreneur Shocked Family As She Seeks Freedom

Never have I imagined myself getting involved in network marketing neither did my parents, sisters and friends. They were completely shocked when they heard the news! How did an entrepreneur like me move to building a network marketing business?

Just two years ago, I embarked on my journey to becoming an entrepreneur. It was a partnership and it all sounded great at the start. The initial capital was 30k and we had to reinvest 10k-20k every year for business expansion.

Little did I expect the challenges I had to face in becoming self-employed. I had to take up multiple roles in the business like being the finance controller, product executive, product write-up personnel and whatever else that needed to be done!

Finally one day, it reached the threshold of what I could take. I woke up from that asking myself this “Do I own the business or does the business owns me?”

I wanted a better way out and started exploring. That’s when I found network marketing.

Being a network consultant was not a coincidence. I attended a boot camp for career intervention called “You Can Create Wealth”. Two key points I took out from the camp was “Time is Scarce” and “Leverage in the Business”. Those were the exact things that was missing from my business!

If I continued doing my current business, what do I really get? A big house? Luxury cars? How about freedom? Most importantly, do I live a life or am I just living?

Have you had the chance to know and understand the working of this ‘Customer Referral Business”? What does it offer?

It was evident that it was able to afford me significant income growth and time freedom.

The business ideology is amazing and I was willing to give it a try. Many may choose to watch or wonder what happens but I decided to take my fate in my own hands and make things happen. Just imagine if you could do anything and knew you could not fail, what would you do?

Hence, I started working with a group of people and out of my surprise, they are genuine, sincere, with unconditional love and ever willing to share their secrets to successfully build the business. They tirelessly coached and guided me in the business.

This industry is packed with possibilities, money and love. That empowered me to experience the tremendous improvement on my self-belief.

I now know, belief is paramount in life. When I have little confidence in myself, then I have little believe in my abilities. I started to recognize my self-value in my family, my business as well as with the team. Isn’t that great?!

Often, the difference between a successful person and a failure is not if he/she has better abilities or ideas. It is the courage that he/she daringly bets on the ideas, take calculated risk and to act. In this amazing industry, we work as a team to compliment each other by offering our strengths, talents and skills to help each individuals achieve what they want in life. Success is not by chance.

Work with us and I can assure you that you’ll never be the same!

The Young Entrepreneur