Sunday, 24 July 2011

Dreamer Finds New Hope In Network Marketing After Business Failed

You may call me a 'dreamer'. Since primary three, I wanted to be free from the bonds of a job, have lots of money, live in a big house, zoom around town in my polished shine sport cars etc. I don't think it's too much to ask for... Do you?

However, my reality unfolded very differently.

I realized that my dreams maybe just illusions trapped by the small salary if I continued to earn from the job.

Fortunately, I gathered up enough determination to save money.

With that bag of money, I eventually started a traditional business with a trusted partner. Apart from the lack of skills, I had very little knowledge of the business, the support, the information and most importantly, I was greedy! Sad to say, the business 'bellied up' after just a year. I loss my money, my family’s trust, hope and just about everything else.

It taught me a valuable lesson; being rich and successful is a skill. This meant that it can be learnt!

I promised myself, "someday I will stand-up and come back again! I will learn to be a real champion with skills and knowledge."

My turning point arrived about five years ago when three 'angels' came to Tawau and showed me a new way out. It was like someone turned on the flood lights in the dark tunnel I was hiding myself in.

I saw how network marketing provided a step-by-step platform of support, help and strategies from people who has made it. I gathered every last straw of hope and got started!

What a great start?!

I had a chance to attend the leadership camps and they were mind-blowing. I learned all the skills and knowledge which can also be applied to every aspect of my life making me a better person, a better father and a better husband.

Most folks don't understand, network marketing is really a relationship business. It is therefore simple to do as I communicate with people everyday, talking and listening to people from all walks of life. The secret ingredient of the business is care and love. Just as much as I receive from my mentors, I am going to give to my team too!

I believe the relationship built is forever as it weathers any stormy issues in the business. I am still growing along this journey, just like many others. I am excited to extend my invitation to join this amazing family!

Yii Sing


  1. Dear Hii,

    What an inspiring true story of you. It took courage to share this story & i'm glad that you did it anyway.

    Bravo brother!
    With your determination, I'm sure success will be yours soon.

  2. simple but inspiring and i totally agree with you, NM is about relationship......

  3. Thanks for sharing YS!

    Indeed a loving father and husband you are, i am sure your family is proud of you. Never give up on people who never give up on you.

    Look forward to many more write-ups and show others the way! BELIEVE!

    See u at the top!

  4. Bro,

    You touch my heart..bravo.

    I read your articles over and over...

    With such courage in you, nothing is impossible lar...


  5. Bro... thanks for the sharing... really proud of you... keep up the good work... :)