Sunday, 31 July 2011

Accountant Discovers 'Compassionate Capitalism' For Freedom

Lets' face it, in the near future a lot of people will fall into financial difficulty...

  • The cost of living, whether in rural or urban areas, is rising year after year
  • The value of our money is depreciating faster than we can save
  • Inflation rate races past our salary increment

Yes, it's getting tough...

I wasn't going to sit around and wait for that to happen to me. I realized I had to search for solution that can shield me from this problem. However, I had no idea where to start searching.

I was in a dilemma, as I didn't want to get involved in a traditional business as it is time constraining. I wasn't prepared to loose my precious time with my family, also loose not having time for personal leisure. Apart from the increasingly competitive business environment, there is an inherent limit to the earning potential of a traditional business.

To earn more from a business, it requires higher capital invested resulting in high risk i.e.

High Returns = High Capital = High Risk

Luckily, my good friend took the courage to share with me the power of network marketing. I must admit I gave her a hard time as I was reluctant to listen. Just like many folks, I perceived it to doing sales. She patiently made me realize how network marketing meets my financial and time freedom goals. When I finally understood the foundational concepts of 'compassionate capitalism', I realized no other business can meet my goals better than network marketing.

Not only will I achieve my financial and time freedom, my other dreams will come through too as I am able to afford better lifestyle. Do you think I would be able to achieve it if I was in a job?

You know...?

The other great thing about network marketing is that it does not need high qualifications, experience or expertise. All you need is commitment to yourself and believe that it works!

Grab this great opportunity, as everyone has an equal chance to make their dreams alive!

Lastly, getting started in the business has brought many wonderful things to my life. I am positive to the possibilities I now have, I feel great when I am able to help my friends achieve their dreams too! I want them to realize they deserve a happy and healthy family too!

Lee Hung Boon
The Accountant


  1. Dear Hung Boon,

    As accountant, you have finally made the best calculation! The more we give, the more we receive..You are definitely a compassionate leader!

    Freedom all the way!

  2. Well done.. You are one of the bravest accountant I know.


  3. Bravo Hung Boon!

    You are an accountant that see the reality and not the title.

    I'm pround to work with you.

    See you at the top!