Sunday, 31 July 2011

Accountant Discovers 'Compassionate Capitalism' For Freedom

Lets' face it, in the near future a lot of people will fall into financial difficulty...

  • The cost of living, whether in rural or urban areas, is rising year after year
  • The value of our money is depreciating faster than we can save
  • Inflation rate races past our salary increment

Yes, it's getting tough...

I wasn't going to sit around and wait for that to happen to me. I realized I had to search for solution that can shield me from this problem. However, I had no idea where to start searching.

I was in a dilemma, as I didn't want to get involved in a traditional business as it is time constraining. I wasn't prepared to loose my precious time with my family, also loose not having time for personal leisure. Apart from the increasingly competitive business environment, there is an inherent limit to the earning potential of a traditional business.

To earn more from a business, it requires higher capital invested resulting in high risk i.e.

High Returns = High Capital = High Risk

Luckily, my good friend took the courage to share with me the power of network marketing. I must admit I gave her a hard time as I was reluctant to listen. Just like many folks, I perceived it to doing sales. She patiently made me realize how network marketing meets my financial and time freedom goals. When I finally understood the foundational concepts of 'compassionate capitalism', I realized no other business can meet my goals better than network marketing.

Not only will I achieve my financial and time freedom, my other dreams will come through too as I am able to afford better lifestyle. Do you think I would be able to achieve it if I was in a job?

You know...?

The other great thing about network marketing is that it does not need high qualifications, experience or expertise. All you need is commitment to yourself and believe that it works!

Grab this great opportunity, as everyone has an equal chance to make their dreams alive!

Lastly, getting started in the business has brought many wonderful things to my life. I am positive to the possibilities I now have, I feel great when I am able to help my friends achieve their dreams too! I want them to realize they deserve a happy and healthy family too!

Lee Hung Boon
The Accountant

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Dreamer Finds New Hope In Network Marketing After Business Failed

You may call me a 'dreamer'. Since primary three, I wanted to be free from the bonds of a job, have lots of money, live in a big house, zoom around town in my polished shine sport cars etc. I don't think it's too much to ask for... Do you?

However, my reality unfolded very differently.

I realized that my dreams maybe just illusions trapped by the small salary if I continued to earn from the job.

Fortunately, I gathered up enough determination to save money.

With that bag of money, I eventually started a traditional business with a trusted partner. Apart from the lack of skills, I had very little knowledge of the business, the support, the information and most importantly, I was greedy! Sad to say, the business 'bellied up' after just a year. I loss my money, my family’s trust, hope and just about everything else.

It taught me a valuable lesson; being rich and successful is a skill. This meant that it can be learnt!

I promised myself, "someday I will stand-up and come back again! I will learn to be a real champion with skills and knowledge."

My turning point arrived about five years ago when three 'angels' came to Tawau and showed me a new way out. It was like someone turned on the flood lights in the dark tunnel I was hiding myself in.

I saw how network marketing provided a step-by-step platform of support, help and strategies from people who has made it. I gathered every last straw of hope and got started!

What a great start?!

I had a chance to attend the leadership camps and they were mind-blowing. I learned all the skills and knowledge which can also be applied to every aspect of my life making me a better person, a better father and a better husband.

Most folks don't understand, network marketing is really a relationship business. It is therefore simple to do as I communicate with people everyday, talking and listening to people from all walks of life. The secret ingredient of the business is care and love. Just as much as I receive from my mentors, I am going to give to my team too!

I believe the relationship built is forever as it weathers any stormy issues in the business. I am still growing along this journey, just like many others. I am excited to extend my invitation to join this amazing family!

Yii Sing

Sunday, 17 July 2011

You Don't Search For Opportunities, You Attract Them!

Folks say you attract opportunities in your life. I can vow on that!

I was looking for an opportunity to free myself from my 9 to 5 job when a friend invited me to look into network marketing. Initially, I was not interested as I thought "this is not my cup of tea". But after drilling through the pros and cons of many other ventures, I found this to be the best vehicle for me in achieving my dream of time freedom.

Here's what I found out...
  1. No risk - unlike employment where the are chances of being retrenched, this is a business where I am my own boss.
  2. Low capital - the only real investment is time in exchange for this lifetime business. Since this is an e-commerce business,  there's no need to worry about keeping stock, paying for rental and not be limited by geographical boundaries
  3. Work from home - no more 9 to 5 restriction like a job
  4. Established system - this industry has been around for over 50 years, I love the idea of following a proven success system.
  5. Team work rather than working alone - the beauty of working as a team is that we can leverage on the team's knowledge, expertise and time to build massive results rarely seen done alone!
Some folks believe this to be sales and are afraid of losing friends if they do this business. I beg to differ, as I  made even more friends than before! This positive circle of friends encourages me when I feel down, they cheer for me when I achieve my goals, and we help each other to grow and become a better person.

I felt blessed to work with my dream team, Formidable. The leaders are humble and passionate about the industry.

In which industry do you have successful leaders that holds your hand and say "I will guide you through this journey until your dreams come true"?

What is your dream? What are your plans to achieve them? If you are working towards your dream, that's great! If not, why not give yourself a chance with this vehicle?

Jessie Chow

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Big Business, Low Capital

Hi, I am Johnny Lim and I have been actively pursuing my dreams in network marketing for about 3 years and counting.

For me, I chose to participate in this exciting industry when I discovered the enormous value it offers. First of all, it is an extremely powerful vehicle that I can drive towards attaining my dreams. Secondly and most importantly, I can reach out to help many others fulfill their dreams too.

What is my view of business?

In today’s business era, having a network is important in any business. Otherwise, it will just suffer from slow death. That’s why we need to network.

If networking is so important, why are people skeptical about network marketing?

I believe most people are skeptical because they have not understood the true value of the industry. I must confess the lack of professionalism in the past leaves people a bad after taste. Being professional network consultants, we take the prestige role of educating people about this opportunity and impress them.

I would like to share valuable information about business.

Whatever business you dare imagine, it usually involves huge amount of capital. For example, if you plan to venture with a ‘mamak stall’, you need at least $10k, that excludes miscellaneous overhead costs like rental, electricity etc. Besides that, you need a long period of time to see any form of return on investment. That’s traditional business and I certainly do not want to subject myself to that.

Therefore, is there a way to venture into business with less capital yet achieving higher return on investment?

The answer is obvious… there is a school that’s teaches us the know-how and you actually start earning money whilst you are learning!

Doesn’t that sound great?

Lets’ face it, in every business, we need a network of people, and we need resources, ideas, contacts and expertise. So why not use network marketing as your vehicle since all the above resources are being optimized to free you!

Unlike most businesses, building a business with network marketing delivers long term passive income for future security.

Best of all, you are never alone; we work together, train and help others to succeed. That’s true business leveraging!

In closing, I would like to recommend 2 books that helped me understand important success mindsets, “The Business of 21st Century” by Robert Kiyosaki and “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind” by T. Harv Eker. They did not achieve their success through network marketing, therefore, it is a neutral perspective yet they have pertinent information.

So grab this opportunity, join us in this family of pursuing dreams!

Business School Student

Sunday, 3 July 2011


我从小就常跟我的家人说:“我长大后一定会成为一个有钱人,让家里每一个人都生活在幸福快乐之中。” 从小的梦想,不放弃地坚持相信,平凡的我会有不平凡的成就。






Sarah Ooi

Friday, 1 July 2011

Success Recognition For June 2011

In recognition of individuals who tirelessly worked towards their cheques for the period ending June 2011. Congratulations!

Alice Chan
Lee Hung Boon
Raymen Shim
Jessie Chow
Serena Kong
Yap Chee Wah
Shirley Tsen
Alan Goh
Star Solution
Tan Kit Hong
Michael Ngooi
Angie Yong
Star 5
BA Global

This is to recognize individuals who has sign-ups for the period ending June 2011. Well Done!!

Hii Yii Sing
Alice Chan
Raymen Shim
Joanne Khoo
Jessie Chow
Tay Siew King
Poh Kim Yong
Chow Siew Po
Serena Kong
Cindy Ong
Hong Lee Kian
Yap Chee Wah
Yap Chee Leong
Yeap So Sing
Tan Lee Lang
Shirley Tsen
Alan Goh
Li Chin
Star Solution
Lee Hung Boon
Francis Lawai
Suet Leen
Tsuey Jy
Ho Yin Keat
Winnie Chong
BA Global
Kit Hong
Jerry Moo
Michael Ngooi
Angie Yong