Sunday, 5 June 2011

An Ordinary Person Can Have Extra-Ordinary Income

It's funny when I look back to see how I accidentally got into network marketing.

I was initially looking for ways to start an online business when I learnt how some individuals were creating hefty success combining network marketing and internet.

This search miraculously attracted a chain of events as things began to fall in place, piece by piece.

You see...

A few months later I was fortunate to have bumped into a very young and dynamic mechanical engineer turned entrepreneur, more specifically a professional network market consultant at a business mentoring program in Kuala Lumpur. And this is how I got hitch into network marketing.

Why network marketing? Firstly for me, it is a low cost business model. Having been involved in traditional business (that means open shop-close shop-open shop-close shop, day-in-day-out),  I had huge overheads which includes stocks, staff, etc. Network marketing offers everyone an equal opportunity as ordinary people with little capital to achieve extra-ordinary incomes.

Secondly the business education provided builds mindset that can turn each and everyone, irrespective of their background into an entrepreneur (actually a global entrepreneur).

Last but not least, benefit that I would like to share now is the coaching. Tell me where you would get a success coach to guide you every step of the way up the ladder? Most folk under estimate this coaching. It's like they'll hold your hands just like what our parents did....oh how I wish my coach was a pretty lady! :) By doing so, the business system has taken out all the business risk that a newbie is subjected to in any business.

I have enjoyed this journey very much as I am able to be a teacher, mentor, coach or just a tutor to someone who obviously need a lot of care when they too want to achieve their dreams. I felt elated to be able to hold someone's hand, lead them through the process and set them free...towards their destiny and dreams. Awesome!

When network marketing is empowered via the internet, it is surely the best way to allow access to consumers globally.

And finally this brilliant concept that works even for you. Leading a large group of people to consistently do a few simple actions over a sustained period of time...this is what I do! And I am looking forward to welcoming you onboard.

Talk to you soon!

your Time Freedom tutor



    Soon, you have "transform" to what i called: a NOBODY to a SOMEBODY and this is what makes networking all the more satisfying.

    I welcome you on board to be AN "unemployable"! So proud of you :) Lets tutor more people in years to come.

  2. Great, Soon, You are the GREATEST business person whom I had worked with in my 23 years of working experience in corporate world.

    Awesome to work with you.

    Let's meet at the Peak soon !!!