Sunday, 12 June 2011

The MLM Skeptic Who Caught A Dream

My first perception about the network marketing industry is “selling products” and “talking to people”, which I hated and felt uncomfortable with… not my cup of tea. I never thought I would step into this industry until a year ago.

In the past, dreams were limited to the boundaries of “day dreaming”. Anything beyond that was methodically categorized to “forever non-achievable”. However, being with my new found team, I’m going to make my dreams alive!

I believe that everything happens for a good reason and God has arranged everything nicely for me. I’m lucky enough to be with my team. Everybody treats me like their own family member, we share everything together, we go through good times and bad times, even though some of them are my cross lines.

Whenever I feel down in my business, I’ll always go to my “big brothers and big sisters”, they will cheer me up, give me positive energy to recover my “wound”, so that I’m ready to go out and “shoot” again  They are always there to pull me up and help me do better.

I am always left speechless when I think about the leadership skills my team demonstrates. My “big brothers and big sisters” coaches me well. I don’t even learn them in the corporate world, which I used to believe in. I’d say my team re-defined my life education.

After one year with my team, I learned to transform my negative thinking to positive thinking. More importantly, I learned to overcome my fear day by day, one step at a time. Nowadays I am excited about sharing with each and everyone about the things I had learned.

Three to five years down the road, I can picture myself talking to people with wind-proof confidence. It could be one on one or even on the stage! Speaking from my heart, inspiring individuals that crosses my path. I believe I will have a huge network in the range of thousands across all walks of life.

Apart from being a successful networker, I already envision myself as a successful investor like Kim Kiyosaki who wrote the book “Rich Woman”. I want to have many assets churning out continuous flow of passive income.

Some may take 5 years to achieve their dreams, some may take 10 years. So what? We still get there! All I have to do is rise up when I fall down, rise up again and again when I fall down. Eventually I will walk firm and even start running as long as I don’t give up and keep on going.

Let’s work together as a team to make our dreams alive. Together we are one 


  1. I was a total skeptic to MLM too. I guess it's because we just didn't really understand the true nature of the business.
    Having the right people showing us the way is definitely critical!
    What is to be in the next five years is decided today and you have chosen well!

  2. very inspiring, i love it

  3. A MLM skeptic who willing to open her mind and starting to caught Dreams, I salute you, Li San.

    You inspires me..

  4. Great article!! Simple but very true from the heart. I love it!

  5. Great article! Simple & very true from the heart. I like it! ;)

  6. Thanks for all the +ve comment. I'm glad that you all like my article.

  7. It's truely from the heart. I feel like reading my own story too.
    I was once like U, not only skeptic, but 'anti', i found out later that was because i don't know anything about the industry.
    Keep on & see U at the top!

  8. hi Li San,
    a very nice and inspiring articles there, 2 thumbs up!

  9. "If it is to be, it is up to me!" ~ LiSan, u have just proven this saying by walking the path of uncommon freedom! I am with you all the way! Kudos!

  10. Li San, your article really touch my heart. Salute to you, Li San!

  11. Thank you again everyone, thanks for the comment, looking forward to read the articles of everyone :)

  12. Great sharing NW buddy !!