Sunday, 26 June 2011

Building Pipelines For Early Retirement

I recently embarked on my journey of building my “pipelines” or MSI (Multiple Sources of Income).

My single most burning compelling reason to explore a Replacement Income is that in the Corporate World, there is always an end in sight. The magic number, 55. Some champion that this may be increased to 58, maybe 60, but I am not sitting around to speculate.

By owning my own business, the sky is the limit. Network Marketing offers just that – a Business. And just like any other, this business takes time, energy and effort to nurture and grow. Risk is also associated with all businesses but in this one, it is almost negligible. Why? Small start-up capital, no stock holding, no shop to buy/rent, no staff to employ, no costly equipment/assets etc. Unbelievable!

I was introduced to this business by a young, charismatic ex-engineer who is systematically achieving his dreams through conducting this business. I am also in a powerful team which is helping to develop me to achieve my fullest potential. With their support and backing, and my desire to learn, anything is achievable.

Do not let anybody tell you that this business does not work.

Network Marketing is a proven and very powerful business model. This industry has made more millionaires than any other industry in the world. There are even MBA courses on this subject matter. In my earlier days, I was very skeptical on the power of network marketing but I now find that this was due to my lack of understanding of its exponential possibilities.

The atmosphere in this industry is very positive, with people helping people to build the business. It is very unlike the corporate atmosphere which is basically a ‘dog-eat-dog’ world, filled with threats and many other negatively-charged elements.

Having said that, I am still in the Corporate World. The idea is to reduce my dependence on being “Corporate”. When my (Multiple Source of Income) MSIs become bigger than my (Primary Source of Income) PSI, I will then have a choice.

Until that day comes, you can be sure that my focus will be on building my “pipelines”... and share the wisdom that I have gained. Then, I will have the liberty to go to the next level ..... Investment Income, but that, my friends, is a story for another day.

By Day, Marketing Manager; By Night, Pipeline Builder


  1. Hi EG,
    Well said, "day time marketing manager, night time pipe-builder".

    You will retire young and rIch

    You inspired me.


  2. Eugene,

    Glad that the realisation comes early, not when you are 55. Well done!


  3. What a remarkable sharing u have there, EG! I am sure it will help others in the corporate to un'cage' themselves if they are willing like you.

    I shall see u at the top (investment income) one day soon!

  4. Thank you for the comments and support. Y'all are great inspirations to me...