Sunday, 29 May 2011

The Fairy Tale Wedding With Network Marketing

I was just a young engineer in an automotive company 10 years ago when I stumbled upon a network marketing business in 2003 that pretty much changed my entire life!

Little did I know, what started as just an online purchase and occasional casual word-of-mouth, turned my ambition of an IR (a title given to Professional Engineers) into an Independent Representative (IR) of a network marketing business!

Armed with a strong belief, I decided to pursue this career full-time leaving my ‘job’ behind in early 2005. The rest, as they said, is history.

Not only did I start to earn ‘good’ weekly income but the network marketing business has brought me to places I have never dreamt of going, meeting people from all walks of life!

The most memorable of my many business trips was when I met the love of my life, Angie. In 2007, we decided to get married. We were able to afford an extravagant “fairytale” garden wedding. We even surprised the crowd with a magical entrance in a horse carriage with elaborate fireworks display. It was indeed a dream come true for both of us. Today, we are soul mates and my journey would mean nothing without Angie.

Being ‘unemployable’ and walking the path of “uncommon freedom” is truly enjoyable and the envy of many of my peers.

This was all possible with the network marketing business I discovered by accident and the uncommon freedom I truly believed in.

I welcome you to join me in the whole new world ahead.

Alan Poon, Freedom Warrior

Friday, 20 May 2011

Leaving Corporate World To See The World

I just came back from a wonderful holiday in Sapa, North Vietnam. This is my 2nd holiday in these 3 months. I love holidays and can’t wait to go for my next holiday (which is next month ).

When I was a teenager, I had a dream to travel to many oversea countries, but the sad thing is traveling to oversea countries need lots of money and time and I didn't have much of both. After working 13 years in the corporate, I embarked on a new journey in Network Marketing i.e. 6 years ago.

I have zero knowledge about the industry and my mindset was “this is like a university course and I need to spend time learning it”. True enough, when I learn about the industry and what networking is all about, it opens a whole new world for me.

Though these 6 years journey has up and down, I enjoy every bit of it. The friendship I made, the freedom and holidays I enjoyed, the tears I shed, the happy faces I see, all of which has made my life more colorful and worth living. I could not imagine how my life would be if I have not started this journey.

Wai Kuan, BA(Hons)