Sunday, 18 December 2011

The Law Of Attraction Works

I was introduced to “The Secret” at least three years ago. However, at that point, I did not give it much attention and did not understand it at all.

Nevertheless, recently, my leader advocated that I watch it again. Half heartedly, I watched the video a second time. Interestingly, this time it made so much sense about all that is happening in my life.

Unconsciously, I had been applying the principles for my studies and got outstanding grades. What if I applied them in other areas of my life?

I was motivated and want to test if the law of attraction really works. I began applying the concepts by jotting down my wish list relating to personal, business, love, life in general and any other things that came across my mind.

Besides that, I made a commitment to watch ‘The Secret’ every night before going to bed even though it was late. No it was not boring, as there are new points I learn every time I watch it again.

Most folks don’t do this but I learnt how to send love to myself and others every morning.

Believe it or not, I was so surprised to discover four of my wish list came true in just less than a week!

Firstly, I got my first cheque in my new venture. Secondly, I asked from the universe for more money as I needed more funds to expand my business capacity and that money came!

Not only was the funds enough for my business expansion, it allowed me to support my sister in-law. They were struggling financially as my brother-in-law is not doing well in his work. So I presented their children with books, clothes and shoes to start their new school term.

Finally, I had a strong desire to revive a market, Kapit, that I am passionate about. Quite naturally, I successfully got promising leads to achieve that.

As I reflect on these achievements, I can’t help but shed tears of joy. This has been the best christmas gift so far.

I hope more people will discover the power of attraction and apply it. We can change our current circumstances easily and it does not have to take long.


Sunday, 4 December 2011

Girl Gets Started To Discover Her Ability

Network marketing is a fantastic platform for growth. The leadership camps always surprises me with priceless learnings that I don’t get else where.

This journey in network marketing allows me to discover my true strengths and weaknesses. I am a better person because of my exposure from network marketing. As a result, it has given me the confidence to do anything.

Besides that, after the camps, I am always reassured about the team. I know I will never go through my journey of achieving my dreams alone.

My mentor taught me an important lesson that keeps me going… “some people never start because they hesitate and are afraid of losing. I will never know my ability if I don’t get started”.

Ultimately, just like how Steve Jobs left a mark in the world, I want to be able to leave a mark too. My greatest desire is to be happy, free and to have a live without regrets.


Sunday, 23 October 2011

Housewife Says 'No' To Husbands' Pampering

When I had my third child I quit my job and became a housewife. Soon, I realised that I just can't stay at home to be a full time mother and wife. So I decided to pursue something that interest me. Since I love to look good and making others look good too, I took up courses to become an Image Consultant. However, after completing the course, I was still 'lost' until I discovered network marketing.

Initially my understanding about this industry is to sell something and earn some extra money, but I was wrong.

As I meet many people from all walks of life, I realize most people are looking out for opportunities to improve their life. Being in this industry, I am in a great platform that allows me to light a candle in their life.

Interestingly, some of my friends asked me why I wanted to do this business when my husband can provide me with everything.

It's true... My husband is a VP for a Pharmaceutical company and he earns six figure salary a year. He really pampers me, told me "take any amount you like". He never questions me about my spending and I don't have to seek permission to buy anything. His generousity actually makes me feel guilty everytime I go on my shopping spree.

That's when I decided to take this business seriously. I must admit it is challenging. However, I am constantly motivated and get excited when I share my dreams with friends. I hope my dreams inspires others and help them realize they now have a chance to achieve their dreams with this vehicle.

I am grateful to have chosen network marketing and have the chance to learn and tap the experience from a wide variety of people. Besides, I love network marketing compared to a traditional business as there are less ethical issues I have to face especially as a female.

This inspired me to form the Women And Girlfriends (WAGs) club. This is a fantastic platform to empower women pursue their dreams.

Who says housewives can't do this business?

Ladies, buying branded bags with our own money is sweeter than asking our husband to buy. Give it a try and feel the empowering difference!


Sunday, 16 October 2011








Sunday, 9 October 2011

Shy And Childish Lady Found A Mission

When I was a child, I had big dreams. The world was so vibrantly colorful. However, my dreams vanished about the time I entered primary one, when I realized the real world is harsh.

Feeling withdrawn, I eventually became a shy girl. I feared talking to others even my relatives. Worse of all, my behavior stopped me from trying new things even when my heart had strong desires to experience them.

It was not a good feeling as I lost every single opportunity that came my way during my schooling days. My greatest regret was when I let pass my ambition to become a veterinary doctor. All this, was a result of my low self-confidence.

My entire world changed for the better when I started my journey in network marketing. I found that the world is actually fair to everyone. In fact, I realized I am so lucky as I have parents and siblings who cares and loves me so much. They are always supporting me and helping me when I am in trouble. The reality is that I am the small kid that never grew up in the family.

My first leadership camp was amazing! I discovered that I have to grow up if I want to succeed in life. Hence, I made a decision to grow up and be a responsible person who cares about family and friends. That’s when I started to express my love and care. Today, my life is filled with happiness as I realized the more love I gave, the more happiness I got in return.

Isn’t it wonderful?

Another breakthrough happened when I attended my second leadership camp. It dawned on me that I had lost many chances in life and I had to forgive myself for all the lost opportunities. I was relieved as I realized this mistake early in life. I promised myself to grab opportunities and never let them pass. I will do and participate in anything I choose.

I only live this life once and I am going to make it the best!

Network marketing nurtures people and transforms someone with childish mindset to becoming a real woman. It might seem weird, however, I believe many youngsters were like me.

I’m no longer a kid, I’m in the process of becoming a “Strong Women”. I have fixed my mission, I am working towards it. Wish me luck, my friends. Remember: we only live once, do the best that we can, the memory will be sweet.

I love who I am now.

Li Chien

Sunday, 2 October 2011

With Faith, Miracle Happened For Lady Who Declared Quits

To most, surviving six year in network marketing is a major achievement.

Now that I recall my first three years journey, it was really not easy. I spent a lot of money travelling outstation, attending camps and conferences but making very little cheques to cover my costs.

I had so much hope in this business and desperately wanted success. However, the cost didn't justify and I began doubting whether this business is for me. I even told my senior that I don't think I can build a team and I wanted to quit the business.

Deep in my heart, a little voice whispered for me not to give up. I've spent 3 years here and I like the association with the group who is always encouraging and positive. I felt sad with the thought of leaving the group.

So, I continued attending weekly functions and camps though not making any efforts in progressing my business.

There is a saying when ones hope and faith is tested to its limits, it is that precise moment that a breakthrough happens.

The miracle happened when I started to attract a group of high positioned individuals into my team.  Since then, the dynamic of my business transformed. Most importantly, my new found team renewed my faith in the business. I regained energy and passion to nurture the business. I thank my hubby for supporting me especially when my faith was tested.

The business taught me a very important lesson. I shall never give up in anything I do, no matter how bad the situation could be. Keep the faith even when faith is tested to its limits, for I know when I persist, there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

Waikuan, Lee

Sunday, 25 September 2011

The Couple Who Didn't Want To End Up Broke

We praise the Lord for our friend who showed us a better way with Network Marketing.

Initially, we perceived network marketing to be an ‘aunty business’. What was worse, we witnessed desperate people who forced or cheated others to buy, just to earn. We met people who piled up stocks just to meet their quota yet not making much. We knew people who avoided friends who were attempting to introduce them network marketing. Besides that, there were many who had high hopes in network marketing but eventually didn’t make it.

Everything changed when we felt the real pain of working for YEARS and see that our savings is STILL THE SAME!! But prices of goods are escalating like CRAZY!

Naturally, it triggered us to look for alternatives since we don’t want to end up BROKE or JUST OVER BROKE!

So we tried shares or funds, but they were too volatile and unpredictable. The other option was properties. However, we did not have the capital for good bargains. Our last resort was to try out network marketing just to answer to a friends’ request.

We started off by trying to learn more about the industry and discovered many had failed without reasons. We remained doubtful...

Our turning point began when we took part in our first leadership camp. We never expected to learn so much about ourselves. However, to our surprise, we learnt so much about our strengths and weaknesses, met new friends while having lots of fun through the experiential learning games. We thought ourselves to be positive thinkers, transforming our mindsets, and the world around us just got better.

We decided to save time used in unyielding events such as tea time on more valuable activities like sharing good and useful information about the business to people.

Our strategy is 2 by 2 as written in the Bible (Mark 6:7… Sent them out two by two..) This strategy of building as a couple has been very useful to us as we have found that is has made both of us grow stronger.

For instance,

  • When one is down, there is always another to cheer up. 
  • When one learns, there is always a partner to share with. 
  • We learn to amplify each others strength and cover each others weaknesses. 
  • When there is a need to do 2 things at the same time, we can cover both by heading off to different directions. 
  • When there are learnings, we can look at it from 2 different angles and dimension, making our interpretation of learnings more comprehensive.

We conclude that if we do anything seriously, by God’s grace, there will never be failure, unless we choose not to do anything.

Alan Goh & Shiok Yen

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Leukemia Survivor Found New Life!

I was diagnosed with leukemia the moment I decided to quit my job! It was the greatest turning point in my life.

You see, I was so furious with my immediate supervisor, I made the ultimate decision to quit the job I once loved so dearly. Some of you know exactly what I mean, I had poured my heart and soul working for the company, spending late nights for projects.

It was just one time that I was late in to work; my supervisor said he would put that in my record.

I was flaming furious as I thought to myself “why not put into record all the late nights I have done too?”

Anyway, when I was diagnosed with leukemia, I was really blessed, as the Managing Director of the company was so generous to offer help. That made me retracts my resignation and stay put in the company.

Nevertheless, I always had this desire to free myself from the chains of a job. But how can I do it now when I don’t even know when would the next time I have to be hospitalized? Venturing into a business is just transferring the chains from the job to a business.

I thought I was destined to stay in the company forever!

However, a very good friend of mine got me really curious about an opportunity. I must thank him for his ingenious methods of making me listen, as I was a true skeptic of network marketing.

His skillful tact finally made me realize it was probably one of the best ways for me to free myself from the chains of a job with the very little money that I had. Most importantly, with network marketing, I was not committing myself to a business that requires all my time.

I finally quit the job a few years after joining the business.

It feels really good to have control over my own time. My friends are always so envious when I tell them that I am doing my afternoon swim when they are in the office meeting deadlines.

I know many of you are looking for a way out of your job. I gave this a chance, probably you should too.


Sunday, 11 September 2011


当初以为只要可以赚更多的钱,就可以过好生活的我,去了邻国新加坡工作。每天很勤劳的加班,包括周末也在工作。 当我的朋友都去游玩的时候,我也在工作。那么拼命的工作是为了可以储蓄很多的钱, 以为这样就可以改变我和家人的生活!

我开始把辛辛苦苦储蓄来的钱拿去旅行, 或买些自己喜欢的东西...过了一段日子,我才发现银行里的储蓄逐渐的减少了。

当时,我非常地懊恼!因为我知道一个人 靠一双手,一天只有24小时,就算再怎样埋头苦干的打工, 到后来也不过只是回到原点。


然而,克苦经营了三年后便宣告失败... 让我突然失去了方向...没想到我那么用心的经营也会失败。当时的我对网络营销真的很失望,于是又只好回到埋头苦干的打工生涯。。

后来,我回到吉隆坡工作. 因为我的妹妹-Sarah,我又再次接触到网络营销。但因为之前的失败,我内心非常的挣扎。我是否耍捉紧眼前的机会?但万一再失败呢?我问我自己:"我是否跌倒了就不可以再站起来?"


我发现原来不是所有的网络营销公司都是一样的我开始从新的学习。我非常高兴这儿有很多专业的培训让我可以在思维,处事,事业上成长。而且新的组织有一群领袖可以帮助我一起并肩打拼,而不再是我一个人默默的耕耘, 孤军作战。




Emily Ooi

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Full-Time Father Just Wanted Freedom

I am one of the few lucky fathers who had the chance to see my daughter grow and be with her all the time since her birth 5 years ago. Imagine my pride of being able to send her to school, bath her, feed her and watch movie with her on a Wednesday afternoon when everyone else is stuck in the office!

Well, my story began a couple of years back when I was still working as an engineer. Although it pays well, my job demanded a commitment to travel 80% of the time. It hurts the most when my wife had to suffer the pain of loosing our first child all by herself when I was posted to work in the States.

Just a few months later, my brother tried to show me the way out with Network Marketing. I had no idea what it was back then but the only word that flashed through my mind is SELLING! I knew it was not for me because I am an introvert, I don’t like socializing, I don’t speak well and I don’t have many friends. Reluctantly, I joined as my brother insisted I trust him this one.

One thing lead to another when I was ‘convinced’ to attend a leadership camp few months after I joined and that’s where this word “Freedom” began to creep into my mind.

I met many people from different countries, they don’t just talk about success. They are a living proof of it. Their success didn’t comprise of just money but freedom of choice and freedom of time.

Wow! That was totally new to me, but is it really possible?

Thank God I decided to give myself a chance, I told myself “What do I have to loose?”

And my journey in Network Marketing begins…

Thanks to my supportive wife and of course I believe The Lord is watching over me. He has granted me a few good friends to walk through this beautiful and interesting journey together. When I am down they will always be there to encourage me, when I have joy, we share happiness together.

It is indeed a very fulfilling journey. Today, I enjoy the time I have with my family and the true friendship I met here. It all began with “What do I have to loose? You won't know till you've tried...”

Alan Thian

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Associating With The Right People Guarantees Results

The industry of network marketing is not new to me. I grew up in Penang and it's a popular region most network marketing companies choose to grow their venture.

Unfortunately, I did not have a favourable impression of network marketing. I used to think that the industry is all about "forcing people to buy", "persuading until the person buys" or "getting sympathy sales".

Does network marketing really work that way?

It took me a long time to discard those impressions and realised that the bad reputations have nothing to do with the industry but the practice of different groups of people.

Hence, choosing the right team is important! As the saying goes, "Birds of a feather flocks together". The industry is a noble one, I just need to associate with the right people, people who does the right things, to achieve the right results.

This will certainly lead me to my final destination.

I am not telling you network marketing is all a bed of roses. My journey certainly was not. Nevertheless, it is very fun!

It gave me a chance to travel many countries, even to countries I never knew existed.

I have seen some of these places on the TV, but to be there myself is a totally different experience. I look forward to discovering many more countries through this exciting business!

Finally, I always believe, when I am alone, I have to take care of myself. But if I am in a team, we look out for each other, like the saying goes "No one gets left behind". Join me if you love to travel!

Michael Ngooi

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Family Man Breaks Free From The Cycle Of Poverty

“I think we all have a little voice inside us that will guide us...if we shut out all the noise and clutter from our lives and listen to that voice, it will tell us the right thing to do” That little voice woke me up early one morning as I realised with awespiring enthusiasm that I now have a chance to break the cycle of poverty that had been haunting my family for generations.

You see it all started when a good friend of mine shared with me a network marketing opportunity. I discovered I could break free from my chain of poverty and achieve my dream to have a home in several countries. This blossoms my life in this fateful industry of network marketing.

My journey in network marketing is pretty much like Life! Some days are sunny and some are rainy!

The sun shone brightest during the leadership camps. It was then that I truly discovered the secrets to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Life has never been the same thereafter as, together with my trusted friends and business partners, we built a network numbered by the thousands. Thus, with our “yummy-licious” earnings, many of us shifted from the E quadrant to B and I quadrants.

As with life, I have also encountered some rainy periods in my journey. Despite what most believed, the rejections from friends and families didn't stir up storms. But the stormiest days were the days when my thoughts of self-disbelief and self-doubt had actually clouded my mind.

As the saying goes “Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass... it's about learning how to dance in the rain!" Those rainy days in this industry has taught me how to turn every situation into an empowering learning experience and that certainly have changed my life, my thoughts, my attitude!

Life can be complicated, but simple!

Without a doubt, we try our best to make life complicated, but if we look closely, it's really very simple.

And so my goal is to have you understand that the simple secrets to a happy life is to think about what is... and could be... if our minds and hearts is open to an opportunity of achieving our dreams.

So see you on the beaches of the world. I am on one now, just like my son, playing to his hearts’ content.


Sunday, 14 August 2011

Pressured Retiree Finds Pleasure With New Venture

My working life began at the of age 17, after completing my fifth form. I've worked tirelessly for over 30 years, yet my salary has never been able to beat inflation, i.e. cost of living catches up faster than my earnings.

I felt troubled when I realized my retirement is just months away and the only funds I have is the EPF savings which will only stretch about 5 -10 years, provided that I don’t fall sick. What if I’m healthy and continue to live 20years after retirement, how am I going to survive without $$$ after that 5 -10 years? All these questions really, really kept me sleepless.

While pondering over the issues, God is Great, he sent me my niece, Wai Kuan. Wai Kuan offered me a solution with network marketing business. She patiently shared with me how the business frees her from the bondage of the 9 to 5 job. Today she plans her own time according to her wishes and can confidently retire early at her own choice.

I believe and know that it is not too late for me to catch up with the business as I approach my retirement. With my new found venture, retirement should be a pleasure and not pressure!

Lastly, I lost all those precious years where I could have spent more time with my family rather than in the office. I can’t rewind days gone, it's my sincere wish to all who reads my sharing, please think about this... want to achieve your dreams at a younger age (perhaps 30 years old)? How about spending more quality time and fun with your love ones with no financial worries? or retire less desirably at 55 years old? The choice is yours.


Sunday, 7 August 2011

Entrepreneur Shocked Family As She Seeks Freedom

Never have I imagined myself getting involved in network marketing neither did my parents, sisters and friends. They were completely shocked when they heard the news! How did an entrepreneur like me move to building a network marketing business?

Just two years ago, I embarked on my journey to becoming an entrepreneur. It was a partnership and it all sounded great at the start. The initial capital was 30k and we had to reinvest 10k-20k every year for business expansion.

Little did I expect the challenges I had to face in becoming self-employed. I had to take up multiple roles in the business like being the finance controller, product executive, product write-up personnel and whatever else that needed to be done!

Finally one day, it reached the threshold of what I could take. I woke up from that asking myself this “Do I own the business or does the business owns me?”

I wanted a better way out and started exploring. That’s when I found network marketing.

Being a network consultant was not a coincidence. I attended a boot camp for career intervention called “You Can Create Wealth”. Two key points I took out from the camp was “Time is Scarce” and “Leverage in the Business”. Those were the exact things that was missing from my business!

If I continued doing my current business, what do I really get? A big house? Luxury cars? How about freedom? Most importantly, do I live a life or am I just living?

Have you had the chance to know and understand the working of this ‘Customer Referral Business”? What does it offer?

It was evident that it was able to afford me significant income growth and time freedom.

The business ideology is amazing and I was willing to give it a try. Many may choose to watch or wonder what happens but I decided to take my fate in my own hands and make things happen. Just imagine if you could do anything and knew you could not fail, what would you do?

Hence, I started working with a group of people and out of my surprise, they are genuine, sincere, with unconditional love and ever willing to share their secrets to successfully build the business. They tirelessly coached and guided me in the business.

This industry is packed with possibilities, money and love. That empowered me to experience the tremendous improvement on my self-belief.

I now know, belief is paramount in life. When I have little confidence in myself, then I have little believe in my abilities. I started to recognize my self-value in my family, my business as well as with the team. Isn’t that great?!

Often, the difference between a successful person and a failure is not if he/she has better abilities or ideas. It is the courage that he/she daringly bets on the ideas, take calculated risk and to act. In this amazing industry, we work as a team to compliment each other by offering our strengths, talents and skills to help each individuals achieve what they want in life. Success is not by chance.

Work with us and I can assure you that you’ll never be the same!

The Young Entrepreneur

Sunday, 31 July 2011

Accountant Discovers 'Compassionate Capitalism' For Freedom

Lets' face it, in the near future a lot of people will fall into financial difficulty...

  • The cost of living, whether in rural or urban areas, is rising year after year
  • The value of our money is depreciating faster than we can save
  • Inflation rate races past our salary increment

Yes, it's getting tough...

I wasn't going to sit around and wait for that to happen to me. I realized I had to search for solution that can shield me from this problem. However, I had no idea where to start searching.

I was in a dilemma, as I didn't want to get involved in a traditional business as it is time constraining. I wasn't prepared to loose my precious time with my family, also loose not having time for personal leisure. Apart from the increasingly competitive business environment, there is an inherent limit to the earning potential of a traditional business.

To earn more from a business, it requires higher capital invested resulting in high risk i.e.

High Returns = High Capital = High Risk

Luckily, my good friend took the courage to share with me the power of network marketing. I must admit I gave her a hard time as I was reluctant to listen. Just like many folks, I perceived it to doing sales. She patiently made me realize how network marketing meets my financial and time freedom goals. When I finally understood the foundational concepts of 'compassionate capitalism', I realized no other business can meet my goals better than network marketing.

Not only will I achieve my financial and time freedom, my other dreams will come through too as I am able to afford better lifestyle. Do you think I would be able to achieve it if I was in a job?

You know...?

The other great thing about network marketing is that it does not need high qualifications, experience or expertise. All you need is commitment to yourself and believe that it works!

Grab this great opportunity, as everyone has an equal chance to make their dreams alive!

Lastly, getting started in the business has brought many wonderful things to my life. I am positive to the possibilities I now have, I feel great when I am able to help my friends achieve their dreams too! I want them to realize they deserve a happy and healthy family too!

Lee Hung Boon
The Accountant

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Dreamer Finds New Hope In Network Marketing After Business Failed

You may call me a 'dreamer'. Since primary three, I wanted to be free from the bonds of a job, have lots of money, live in a big house, zoom around town in my polished shine sport cars etc. I don't think it's too much to ask for... Do you?

However, my reality unfolded very differently.

I realized that my dreams maybe just illusions trapped by the small salary if I continued to earn from the job.

Fortunately, I gathered up enough determination to save money.

With that bag of money, I eventually started a traditional business with a trusted partner. Apart from the lack of skills, I had very little knowledge of the business, the support, the information and most importantly, I was greedy! Sad to say, the business 'bellied up' after just a year. I loss my money, my family’s trust, hope and just about everything else.

It taught me a valuable lesson; being rich and successful is a skill. This meant that it can be learnt!

I promised myself, "someday I will stand-up and come back again! I will learn to be a real champion with skills and knowledge."

My turning point arrived about five years ago when three 'angels' came to Tawau and showed me a new way out. It was like someone turned on the flood lights in the dark tunnel I was hiding myself in.

I saw how network marketing provided a step-by-step platform of support, help and strategies from people who has made it. I gathered every last straw of hope and got started!

What a great start?!

I had a chance to attend the leadership camps and they were mind-blowing. I learned all the skills and knowledge which can also be applied to every aspect of my life making me a better person, a better father and a better husband.

Most folks don't understand, network marketing is really a relationship business. It is therefore simple to do as I communicate with people everyday, talking and listening to people from all walks of life. The secret ingredient of the business is care and love. Just as much as I receive from my mentors, I am going to give to my team too!

I believe the relationship built is forever as it weathers any stormy issues in the business. I am still growing along this journey, just like many others. I am excited to extend my invitation to join this amazing family!

Yii Sing

Sunday, 17 July 2011

You Don't Search For Opportunities, You Attract Them!

Folks say you attract opportunities in your life. I can vow on that!

I was looking for an opportunity to free myself from my 9 to 5 job when a friend invited me to look into network marketing. Initially, I was not interested as I thought "this is not my cup of tea". But after drilling through the pros and cons of many other ventures, I found this to be the best vehicle for me in achieving my dream of time freedom.

Here's what I found out...
  1. No risk - unlike employment where the are chances of being retrenched, this is a business where I am my own boss.
  2. Low capital - the only real investment is time in exchange for this lifetime business. Since this is an e-commerce business,  there's no need to worry about keeping stock, paying for rental and not be limited by geographical boundaries
  3. Work from home - no more 9 to 5 restriction like a job
  4. Established system - this industry has been around for over 50 years, I love the idea of following a proven success system.
  5. Team work rather than working alone - the beauty of working as a team is that we can leverage on the team's knowledge, expertise and time to build massive results rarely seen done alone!
Some folks believe this to be sales and are afraid of losing friends if they do this business. I beg to differ, as I  made even more friends than before! This positive circle of friends encourages me when I feel down, they cheer for me when I achieve my goals, and we help each other to grow and become a better person.

I felt blessed to work with my dream team, Formidable. The leaders are humble and passionate about the industry.

In which industry do you have successful leaders that holds your hand and say "I will guide you through this journey until your dreams come true"?

What is your dream? What are your plans to achieve them? If you are working towards your dream, that's great! If not, why not give yourself a chance with this vehicle?

Jessie Chow

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Big Business, Low Capital

Hi, I am Johnny Lim and I have been actively pursuing my dreams in network marketing for about 3 years and counting.

For me, I chose to participate in this exciting industry when I discovered the enormous value it offers. First of all, it is an extremely powerful vehicle that I can drive towards attaining my dreams. Secondly and most importantly, I can reach out to help many others fulfill their dreams too.

What is my view of business?

In today’s business era, having a network is important in any business. Otherwise, it will just suffer from slow death. That’s why we need to network.

If networking is so important, why are people skeptical about network marketing?

I believe most people are skeptical because they have not understood the true value of the industry. I must confess the lack of professionalism in the past leaves people a bad after taste. Being professional network consultants, we take the prestige role of educating people about this opportunity and impress them.

I would like to share valuable information about business.

Whatever business you dare imagine, it usually involves huge amount of capital. For example, if you plan to venture with a ‘mamak stall’, you need at least $10k, that excludes miscellaneous overhead costs like rental, electricity etc. Besides that, you need a long period of time to see any form of return on investment. That’s traditional business and I certainly do not want to subject myself to that.

Therefore, is there a way to venture into business with less capital yet achieving higher return on investment?

The answer is obvious… there is a school that’s teaches us the know-how and you actually start earning money whilst you are learning!

Doesn’t that sound great?

Lets’ face it, in every business, we need a network of people, and we need resources, ideas, contacts and expertise. So why not use network marketing as your vehicle since all the above resources are being optimized to free you!

Unlike most businesses, building a business with network marketing delivers long term passive income for future security.

Best of all, you are never alone; we work together, train and help others to succeed. That’s true business leveraging!

In closing, I would like to recommend 2 books that helped me understand important success mindsets, “The Business of 21st Century” by Robert Kiyosaki and “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind” by T. Harv Eker. They did not achieve their success through network marketing, therefore, it is a neutral perspective yet they have pertinent information.

So grab this opportunity, join us in this family of pursuing dreams!

Business School Student

Sunday, 3 July 2011


我从小就常跟我的家人说:“我长大后一定会成为一个有钱人,让家里每一个人都生活在幸福快乐之中。” 从小的梦想,不放弃地坚持相信,平凡的我会有不平凡的成就。






Sarah Ooi

Friday, 1 July 2011

Success Recognition For June 2011

In recognition of individuals who tirelessly worked towards their cheques for the period ending June 2011. Congratulations!

Alice Chan
Lee Hung Boon
Raymen Shim
Jessie Chow
Serena Kong
Yap Chee Wah
Shirley Tsen
Alan Goh
Star Solution
Tan Kit Hong
Michael Ngooi
Angie Yong
Star 5
BA Global

This is to recognize individuals who has sign-ups for the period ending June 2011. Well Done!!

Hii Yii Sing
Alice Chan
Raymen Shim
Joanne Khoo
Jessie Chow
Tay Siew King
Poh Kim Yong
Chow Siew Po
Serena Kong
Cindy Ong
Hong Lee Kian
Yap Chee Wah
Yap Chee Leong
Yeap So Sing
Tan Lee Lang
Shirley Tsen
Alan Goh
Li Chin
Star Solution
Lee Hung Boon
Francis Lawai
Suet Leen
Tsuey Jy
Ho Yin Keat
Winnie Chong
BA Global
Kit Hong
Jerry Moo
Michael Ngooi
Angie Yong

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Building Pipelines For Early Retirement

I recently embarked on my journey of building my “pipelines” or MSI (Multiple Sources of Income).

My single most burning compelling reason to explore a Replacement Income is that in the Corporate World, there is always an end in sight. The magic number, 55. Some champion that this may be increased to 58, maybe 60, but I am not sitting around to speculate.

By owning my own business, the sky is the limit. Network Marketing offers just that – a Business. And just like any other, this business takes time, energy and effort to nurture and grow. Risk is also associated with all businesses but in this one, it is almost negligible. Why? Small start-up capital, no stock holding, no shop to buy/rent, no staff to employ, no costly equipment/assets etc. Unbelievable!

I was introduced to this business by a young, charismatic ex-engineer who is systematically achieving his dreams through conducting this business. I am also in a powerful team which is helping to develop me to achieve my fullest potential. With their support and backing, and my desire to learn, anything is achievable.

Do not let anybody tell you that this business does not work.

Network Marketing is a proven and very powerful business model. This industry has made more millionaires than any other industry in the world. There are even MBA courses on this subject matter. In my earlier days, I was very skeptical on the power of network marketing but I now find that this was due to my lack of understanding of its exponential possibilities.

The atmosphere in this industry is very positive, with people helping people to build the business. It is very unlike the corporate atmosphere which is basically a ‘dog-eat-dog’ world, filled with threats and many other negatively-charged elements.

Having said that, I am still in the Corporate World. The idea is to reduce my dependence on being “Corporate”. When my (Multiple Source of Income) MSIs become bigger than my (Primary Source of Income) PSI, I will then have a choice.

Until that day comes, you can be sure that my focus will be on building my “pipelines”... and share the wisdom that I have gained. Then, I will have the liberty to go to the next level ..... Investment Income, but that, my friends, is a story for another day.

By Day, Marketing Manager; By Night, Pipeline Builder

Monday, 20 June 2011

The Business School To Stay On Track

Network marketing is a great business school. Amongst many things, it has taught me some guiding leadership principles that was holding me back.

Interestingly, the very same key learnings can sometimes be mistaken as an excuse which prevents a person from being successful. Sadly, many people are still caught in that delusion and are not able to differentiate.

Here are some that I’d like to share:
  1. Be kind but not weak. I learned that kindness is not the same as weakness. Kindness isn’t being weak, it’s a strength. I must be kind enough to tell someone the truth. I must be kind and considerate enough to lay it on the line. Being kind, empowers me to tell the pure truth and not jumble it with delusion.
  2. Be strong but not impolite. Do not make the mistake of perceiving rudeness for strength. It’s not even a good substitute.  It is just an extra step I must take to become a powerful and capable leader.
  3. Be bold but not a bully. It takes boldness to win the day. To build my influence, I have got to walk in front of my team. I have got to be willing to take the first arrow, tackle the problem first, and discover the first signs of trouble. Like the farmer, if I want any rewards at harvest time, I have got to be bold and face the weeds, the rain and the bugs head on. I have got to seize the moment.
  4. Be humble but not timid. Success is not achieved by remaining timid. Some folks perceive timidity for humility. However, humility is a virtue whilst timidity is a disease. It’s an affliction that can be cured. Nevertheless, timidity is still a problem. 
  5. Be proud but not arrogant. It takes pride to build my ambitions and be proud of my community. I take pride in a cause, and its accomplishment. However, the key to becoming a good leader is to be proud without being arrogant.
  6. Develop humor without folly. I learned that it’s okay to be witty but not silly; fun but not foolish.
  7. Deal in reality. Dealing with the truth save myself from the agony of delusion. I must be capable of accepting life as it is. Life is unique. In fact, the whole drama of life is unique even fascinating!
As you can imagine, it is not easy to escape from these traps. Thank goodness, working in a team, I have people who are willing to point them out to me when I run off track.

Steven Lim

Sunday, 12 June 2011

The MLM Skeptic Who Caught A Dream

My first perception about the network marketing industry is “selling products” and “talking to people”, which I hated and felt uncomfortable with… not my cup of tea. I never thought I would step into this industry until a year ago.

In the past, dreams were limited to the boundaries of “day dreaming”. Anything beyond that was methodically categorized to “forever non-achievable”. However, being with my new found team, I’m going to make my dreams alive!

I believe that everything happens for a good reason and God has arranged everything nicely for me. I’m lucky enough to be with my team. Everybody treats me like their own family member, we share everything together, we go through good times and bad times, even though some of them are my cross lines.

Whenever I feel down in my business, I’ll always go to my “big brothers and big sisters”, they will cheer me up, give me positive energy to recover my “wound”, so that I’m ready to go out and “shoot” again  They are always there to pull me up and help me do better.

I am always left speechless when I think about the leadership skills my team demonstrates. My “big brothers and big sisters” coaches me well. I don’t even learn them in the corporate world, which I used to believe in. I’d say my team re-defined my life education.

After one year with my team, I learned to transform my negative thinking to positive thinking. More importantly, I learned to overcome my fear day by day, one step at a time. Nowadays I am excited about sharing with each and everyone about the things I had learned.

Three to five years down the road, I can picture myself talking to people with wind-proof confidence. It could be one on one or even on the stage! Speaking from my heart, inspiring individuals that crosses my path. I believe I will have a huge network in the range of thousands across all walks of life.

Apart from being a successful networker, I already envision myself as a successful investor like Kim Kiyosaki who wrote the book “Rich Woman”. I want to have many assets churning out continuous flow of passive income.

Some may take 5 years to achieve their dreams, some may take 10 years. So what? We still get there! All I have to do is rise up when I fall down, rise up again and again when I fall down. Eventually I will walk firm and even start running as long as I don’t give up and keep on going.

Let’s work together as a team to make our dreams alive. Together we are one 

Sunday, 5 June 2011

An Ordinary Person Can Have Extra-Ordinary Income

It's funny when I look back to see how I accidentally got into network marketing.

I was initially looking for ways to start an online business when I learnt how some individuals were creating hefty success combining network marketing and internet.

This search miraculously attracted a chain of events as things began to fall in place, piece by piece.

You see...

A few months later I was fortunate to have bumped into a very young and dynamic mechanical engineer turned entrepreneur, more specifically a professional network market consultant at a business mentoring program in Kuala Lumpur. And this is how I got hitch into network marketing.

Why network marketing? Firstly for me, it is a low cost business model. Having been involved in traditional business (that means open shop-close shop-open shop-close shop, day-in-day-out),  I had huge overheads which includes stocks, staff, etc. Network marketing offers everyone an equal opportunity as ordinary people with little capital to achieve extra-ordinary incomes.

Secondly the business education provided builds mindset that can turn each and everyone, irrespective of their background into an entrepreneur (actually a global entrepreneur).

Last but not least, benefit that I would like to share now is the coaching. Tell me where you would get a success coach to guide you every step of the way up the ladder? Most folk under estimate this coaching. It's like they'll hold your hands just like what our parents did....oh how I wish my coach was a pretty lady! :) By doing so, the business system has taken out all the business risk that a newbie is subjected to in any business.

I have enjoyed this journey very much as I am able to be a teacher, mentor, coach or just a tutor to someone who obviously need a lot of care when they too want to achieve their dreams. I felt elated to be able to hold someone's hand, lead them through the process and set them free...towards their destiny and dreams. Awesome!

When network marketing is empowered via the internet, it is surely the best way to allow access to consumers globally.

And finally this brilliant concept that works even for you. Leading a large group of people to consistently do a few simple actions over a sustained period of time...this is what I do! And I am looking forward to welcoming you onboard.

Talk to you soon!

your Time Freedom tutor

Sunday, 29 May 2011

The Fairy Tale Wedding With Network Marketing

I was just a young engineer in an automotive company 10 years ago when I stumbled upon a network marketing business in 2003 that pretty much changed my entire life!

Little did I know, what started as just an online purchase and occasional casual word-of-mouth, turned my ambition of an IR (a title given to Professional Engineers) into an Independent Representative (IR) of a network marketing business!

Armed with a strong belief, I decided to pursue this career full-time leaving my ‘job’ behind in early 2005. The rest, as they said, is history.

Not only did I start to earn ‘good’ weekly income but the network marketing business has brought me to places I have never dreamt of going, meeting people from all walks of life!

The most memorable of my many business trips was when I met the love of my life, Angie. In 2007, we decided to get married. We were able to afford an extravagant “fairytale” garden wedding. We even surprised the crowd with a magical entrance in a horse carriage with elaborate fireworks display. It was indeed a dream come true for both of us. Today, we are soul mates and my journey would mean nothing without Angie.

Being ‘unemployable’ and walking the path of “uncommon freedom” is truly enjoyable and the envy of many of my peers.

This was all possible with the network marketing business I discovered by accident and the uncommon freedom I truly believed in.

I welcome you to join me in the whole new world ahead.

Alan Poon, Freedom Warrior

Friday, 20 May 2011

Leaving Corporate World To See The World

I just came back from a wonderful holiday in Sapa, North Vietnam. This is my 2nd holiday in these 3 months. I love holidays and can’t wait to go for my next holiday (which is next month ).

When I was a teenager, I had a dream to travel to many oversea countries, but the sad thing is traveling to oversea countries need lots of money and time and I didn't have much of both. After working 13 years in the corporate, I embarked on a new journey in Network Marketing i.e. 6 years ago.

I have zero knowledge about the industry and my mindset was “this is like a university course and I need to spend time learning it”. True enough, when I learn about the industry and what networking is all about, it opens a whole new world for me.

Though these 6 years journey has up and down, I enjoy every bit of it. The friendship I made, the freedom and holidays I enjoyed, the tears I shed, the happy faces I see, all of which has made my life more colorful and worth living. I could not imagine how my life would be if I have not started this journey.

Wai Kuan, BA(Hons)